Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My TIFF: La Fée

La Fée (Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon & Bruno Romy, 2011)

Out of the nine films I've seen so far (see my Twitter), plus a Méliès retrospective, plus a short, La Fée is the one I've enjoyed the most.

La Fée beares similarities with Aki Kaurismäki's Le Havre (2011) (La Fée is also set in Le Havre, but of course, the similarities don't stop there). The comparisons to Tati are not far-fetched either. Speaking of Tati, at the beginning of the film one might think Fiona's magic is the type of magic that Sylvain Chomet's illusionniste has. That illusion is soon dispersed (see what I did there?) by a flying man, and later on by the sudden pregnancy. That left me somewhat disappointed. I wish they had stuck to Fiona's false fairy dust, yet genuine Amélie-like magic.

The next and final screening of La Fée is on June 9, at 8:15 PM, at Odeon Cineplex - 6.

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