Monday, October 22, 2012

The History of Film: A Lesson, by Serge Bromberg (1)

Previously: The History of Animation: A Lesson, by Serge Bromberg

Retour de flamme, a cine-concert with Serge Bromberg au piano, featuring:

A Trip Down Market Street (Miles Bros., 1906)

Bonus: The 60 Minutes segment on the Market Street film, which you should watch in order to make the connection with the next film.

San Francisco après la catastrophe (Pathé, 1906)

Métamorphoses du papillon (Pathé, 1904)

(Unfortunately, this is the only version youtube has to offer.)

The Acrobatic Fly (Percy Smith, 1910*)

(*My notes say 1907, but you know... notes in the dark, can't exactly rely on those.)

La Peine du talion (Pathé, 1906*)

(*Again: my notes say 1905.)

Flirt en chemin de fer (Pathé, 1901*)

(*My notes say 1901, BFI says 1902, IMDB says 1904.)

Après le bal (Georges Méliès, 1897)

To be continued...

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