Friday, November 25, 2011

Let's dance! #1

Nana (Anna Karina) dances to [unidentified song] in Vivre sa vie (Godard, 1962)

În legătură cu originea cântecului pe care dansează Nana, singurul lucru mai relevant pe care l-am găsit e acest paragraf din Senses of Cinema:
DANCING: Yet another café, an upstairs room. Nana’s freestyle dance (based on “The Swim”) around the billiard table, for the benefit of a shy young man, is the closest thing to “joie de vivre” in Vivre sa vie, a release from the tensions between Nana and her pimp. Legrand’s score abandons its brooding themes for a parody of dance-band banality: “Swim, swim, swim … swim je t’aime … swim tu m’aimes …”.

+ An Audacious Experiment: The Soundtrack of Vivre sa vie, by Jean Collet (originally published in La revue du son in December 1962)

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