Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Woody Allen: A Documentary (Robert B. Weide, 2011)


Woody Allen has typed out every movie he's ever made on a typewriter he's owned since the fifties, but what does the noted technophobe do when he has to change the typewriter ribbon? According to Robert Weide, who helmed a documentary on Allen airing next week, he asked the Midnight in Paris director just that and received an unexpected answer: "He says, 'I’ll throw a dinner party. And I’ll be sure to invite someone who I know knows how to change it ... So right around dessert I’ll kinda sidle up to them and say, Hey, when you were here before, didn’t you change my typewriter ribbon? And they’ll say, Yeah, and I’ll say Hey, do you wanna come up and take a look again?' And then he cons them into changing the ribbon." (Vulture)

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